Wristband, Synthetic, 1x7.9375in (25.4x201.6mm); DT, Lam 65843RM / 66213RM, Coated, 1in (25.4mm) core, 263/roll, 6/box.

SKU: 10031289K

Sale price$501.72


  • Direct thermal polypropylene infant wristband with a soft nylon backing delicate enough for fragile skin. Latex-free.

  • Features an antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband from degradation. Provides superior image durability and tensile strength.

  • Soft nylon backing is comfortable for use on an infant’s wrist or ankle

  • Meets healthcare patient ID and safety goals (The Joint Commission), removes risk of data left on ribbons (HIPPA), and prevents medication and blood transfusion errors (FDA)

  • Latex-free, waterproof, and resistant to smearing, abrasion, alcohol, mild cleaners and hand sanitizers such as Purell®.

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