Bundle, ZQ52-AUE0000-TN, TruGreen ZQ520; Bluetooth 4.0, Linered Platen, English, Grouping 0

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  • ZQ520 printers are lightweight, yet engineered to handle the bumps, drops and collisions that are part of the job. The printers feature a patented military design that meets third-party-verified MIL-STD 81g military standards for shock, vibration and temperature exposure. The printers can withstand repeated drops to concrete from 6.6' on multiple sides.

  • Zebra not only protects your hardware, but also your operational uptime. ZQ520 printers meet IP54-rating for resistance to dust and liquids that are common in mobile environments—from dirt in the field to crumbs in a service vehicle. And with cold temperature compensation, the ZQ5 Series automatically optimizes and balances print speed and print quality in cold temperatures.

  • ZQ520 printers are the first Zebra products to support a secondary Bluetooth communication channel, an innovative feature that allows one channel to send print jobs to the printer while a second channel performs additional functions such as device management. ZQ520 printers also feature “draft mode,â€� which optimizes the printing speed (5+ inches-perminute) for text-only printing. And with Power Smart Print Technologyâ„¢, the printers can anticipate what users will print, saving battery power yet delivering fast, high-quality receipts and labels.

  • The printers also offer 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN connectivity that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and roaming within and across bands. And, with the multiport radio, your employees can simultaneously operate 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 3. — meaning they can be constantly updated and connected. If users lose their Bluetooth connectivity while on the road, Print Touchâ„¢ via NFC technology serves as an alternate option, ensuring users are always connected. The ZQ520 is “Made for iPod / iPhone / iPadâ€� (MFi certified) and Wi-Fi Alliance-certified, offering connectivity to a range of Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

  • Powered by Link-OS, Zebra's robust printer operating system, and Print DNA, a combination of productivity, management, development and visibility tools that results in a superior printing experience. It features robust memory capability to support future firmware upgrades and accessories are backwards compatible with the QLn so you don't have to buy new.

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