DT Printer ZQ630 RFID; English fonts,Dual 802.11AC / BT4.x, Linered platen, 0.75" core, Group 0, Belt clip

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  • Leading the industry in RFID mobility, Zebra offers the only RFID mobile printers. The innovative ZQ630 RFID printer gives your workers the flexibility to print and encode RFID labels with ease, when and where needed. RFID setup is simple with automatic calibration features that eliminate complex RFID placements guidelines. Insert the RFID media into the ZQ630 and RFID calibrate only once - no need to recalibrate with same-type media changes.

  • Zebra printers are known for leading the market in wireless technology and the ZQ630 RFID printer delivers. It’s the only printer in its class to support 82.11ac Wi-Fi for faster, more dependable and more secure connections. Superior wireless performance means fewer connection failures and support calls. Only the ZQ630 RFID supports industry standard 802.11r fast roaming, so your staff can always depend on a connection while they are on the move.

  • Simply put, when you choose the ZQ630 RFID printer, you get a better battery. The smart PowerPrecision+ battery is the highest capacity battery in its class — 33% higher than the QLn Series — powering every minute of the longest shifts. And that’s not all. You get a wealth of battery metrics to better manage your batteries. And our Power Smart Print Technologyâ„¢ utilizes the exact amount of power required, reducing power consumption by as much as 3% — so your staff can do more on a single charge.

  • With the ZQ630 RFID printer, you can choose from a broad range of accessories, including: 1-bay, 3-bay or 6-bay battery chargers to save space in the backroom; carrying options that add IP54 to protect against dust and spraying water; and single and quad-bay Ethernet cradles that enable easy remote upgrades and troubleshooting. You can even keep using the QLn accessories you have today for a cost-effective upgrade.

  • Powered by Link-OS, Zebra's robust printer operating system, and Print DNA, a combination of productivity, management, development and visibility tools that results in a superior printing experience. It features robust memory capability to support future firmware upgrades and accessories are backwards compatible with the QLn so you don't have to buy new.

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